Novus designs innovative staplers that offer smooth operation and years of trouble-free use.
Hassle-Free, Jam-Free Stapling
A convenient feature for stapling, temporary pinning, and tacking.
Do More with Tri-Mode Stapling
Loading staples is as easy as the push of a button.
No-Pinch Staple Access
The Dual Staple Guide ensures straight, jam-free stapling evey time.
Smooth, Even Clinches Evey Time
Set the depth guide once for efficient stapling of multiple stacks.
Staple Accurately and Cleanly
Steel adds outstanding durability and ensures long-lasting performance.
Steel Mechanism Ensures Long-Lasting Performance
The B8FC Power-On-Demand stapler allows you to staple 50 sheets with little effort.
Staple More with Less Effort

Novus Staplers

Novus staplers are developed in Germany and designed for smooth, consistent performance. From compact to heavy-duty, these premium staplers are easy to use, feature integrated jam protection, and are the preferred choice among office professionals.

Novus Executive Staplers are high-performance devices that feature a steel driven mechanism and dual staple guide that prevent jamming and ensure an even, clean clinch.

Compact Staplers

With their compact size and high sheet capacities, these handy staplers are the perfect tool for everyday stapling.

The benefit of a flat clinch is the reduction of paper stack size. When the staple legs are bent and pressed flat, documents take up less space in binders and file drawers.

Flat Clinch Staplers

These powerful staplers bend and flatten each staple to provide up to 30% more filing and binder space.

Innovative stapling technology allows you to staple multiple sheets with up to 70% less effort.

Power Assisted Staplers

Innovative stapling technology allows you to staple multiple sheets with up to 70% less effort.

The Novus B17 Long Arm Stapler is a high-performance executive stapler a throat depth of 11 3/4" that makes it perfect for binding booklets as well as everyday stapling.

Long Arm Staplers

Novus Long Arm Staplers feature larger stapling depths that are perfect for saddle stitching and binding booklets.

Novus Heavy Duty Staplers can staple between 100 and 210 sheets of paper at a time.

Heavy Duty Staplers

Designed to staple large stacks of documents with minimal effort, these commercial-grade high-capacity staplers are built for heavy use.

We recommend using Novus Premium Staples in your Novus stapler for optimal performance.

Premium Staples

These precision-formed staples are thicker than generic staples and provide guaranteed performance in Novus staplers.

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