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Expand your knowledge and make an informed buying decision with helpful tips and information about Novus products and their applications.


Monitor arms, paper shredders and office essentials from Novus and Dahle ensure a comfortable, secure work day.

Create the Perfect Home Workspace

Working remotely is here to stay. These helpful tips will help you create a comfortable, productive workspace at home.
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Proven Applications

Workspaces Powered by Novus

More Space System products from Novus are the number 1 choice for companies worldwide because of their proven performance for ergonomic comfort, durability, and custom options. Our monitor arms and accessories maximize available space to create the perfect workstation for any professional environment.
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Novus Spotlight Emails

Workspace Design Trends, Ideas, and Products

Each month we share design tips, industry trends, and product information for creating flexible, comfortable workspaces each month. We don't share your information and you can unsubscribe at any time.

Spotlight- Productivity

Work Smarter, Not Harder

A few simple changes to your workspace will help you get more done.
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Spotlight- NeoCon 2024

A Closer Look at Novus

Visit us at NeoCon for a close-up view of our most popular workstation solutions.
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Spotlight- Add Value

Benefits of a Novus Partnership

Add value to your consoles and workstations with products your customers will love.
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Spotlight- Control Rooms

Personal Adjustments Impact Performance

Personalized workstation adjustments have a positive impact on call center performance.
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Spotlight- Remote Work Update

Impact on Commercial Interiors

Remote positions are declining and hybrid is increasing- what does this mean for workspace design?
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Spotlight - 2024 Trends

Trends Come and Go

Let's implement design practices with staying power.
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Spotlight- Co-Working

Shared Workspace Challenges

Novus CLU Plus monitor arms are up to the task for creating comfortable, productive shared workspaces.
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Spotlight- Office Workflow

5 Ways Novus Improves the Way You Work

Create comfortable, adaptable workstations that support the way you work.
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Spotlight- Laboratory Workflow

A Fresh Look at Your Lab Layout

A top-down look at your lab layout can improve efficiency, productivity, and quality standards.
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