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Expand your knowledge and make an informed buying decision with helpful tips and information about Novus products and their applications.


Monitor arms, paper shredders and office essentials from Novus and Dahle ensure a comfortable, secure work day.

Create the Perfect Home Workspace

Working remotely is here to stay. These helpful tips will help you create a comfortable, productive workspace at home.
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Proven Applications

Workspaces Powered by Novus

More Space System products from Novus are the number 1 choice for companies worldwide because of their proven performance for ergonomic comfort, durability, and custom options. Our monitor arms and accessories maximize available space to create the perfect workstation for any professional environment.
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Novus Spotlight Emails

Workspace Design Trends, Ideas, and Products

Each month we share design tips, industry trends, and product information for creating flexible, comfortable workspaces each month. We don't share your information and you can unsubscribe at any time.

Spotlight- Working with Novus

What You Need to Know

3 Important ways we support our partners and customers.
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Spotlight- Design Control Rooms for Growth

Adapting to Change

5 Tips for designing control rooms that adapt to expansion and changing workflows.
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Spotlight- Modern Ergonomic Principles

A Broad Spectrum of Comfort

A broader focus includes cognitive skills, organization, social ties, and more.
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Spotlight- Hybrid Work Trends

Design, New Markets, Home Offices

Hybrid work is changing the way we design, where we work, and the products we use.
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Spotlight- 2023 Design Trends

Diverse Workstyles Need Flexible Designs

Workspaces need to support diverse workstyles with flexible floor plans and high-quality products.
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Spotlight- Lab Workspaces

3 Important Lab Furniture Trends

Trends in furniture are helping laboratories create adaptable workspaces that maximize workflow, efficiency, and safety.
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Spotlight- Monitor Arm Selection

5 Top Must-Have Features

No matter the application or environment, requiring these 5 features will narrow your search to the best options.
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Spotlight- Flexible Design

5 Tips for Creating Workstations That Evolve

Workstations with built-in flexibility make it easy to adapt to changing workflows. Plan your design with these 5 tips in mind.
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Spotlight- Remote Work

5 Tips for a Successful Remote Team

Setting expectations, staying organized, and keeping everyone connected is critical to supporting a successful team.
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