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Monitor arms, paper shredders and office essentials from Novus and Dahle ensure a comfortable, secure work day.

Create the Perfect Home Workspace

Working remotely is here to stay. These helpful tips will help you create a comfortable, productive workspace at home.
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Proven Applications

Workspaces Powered by Novus

More Space System products from Novus are the number 1 choice for companies worldwide because of their proven performance for ergonomic comfort, durability, and custom options. Our monitor arms and accessories maximize available space to create the perfect workstation for any professional environment.
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Creating Co-Working Spaces

Top 5 Features

Co-working spaces have become a critical resource in this new remote work world. User safety, productivity, and comfort should be top priorities.
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Choose the Perfect Monitor Arm

Top 5 Features

Let these 5 Critical Features guide you when choosing a monitor arm.
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Ergonomic Tips with a Twist

Top 4 Tips

Take your ergonomic comfort up a notch with these next-level tips.
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Modern Control Room Design

Top 5 Features

Control room design has moved away from the purely functional to focus more on ergonomics, high-tech innovations, and eye-pleasing designs.
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Workstation Design

5 Critical Questions

A well-designed workstation uses available space intelligently and enhances the user's comfort and work style. Answer these questions to find that sweet spot.
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Worker-Driven Design

3 Top Priorities

If we've learned nothing else over the past year, it's the importance of employee well-being and workstyle choice. An important trend in design is putting the worker's needs first.
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Laboratory Design

Learn More about Lab Design Trends for 2021

Top 3 Trends for 2021

Healthcare laboratories were under immense pressure during 2020 forcing a re-evaluation of workflows, technology, and staffing. Lab designs for 2021 will incorporate what they’ve learned.
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Workspace Design

Learn more about the 5 Top Workspace Trends for 2021

Top 5 Trends for 2021

Workspaces in 2021 will be more flexible to accommodate worker health and well-being, shorter commutes, and the popularity of working from home.
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