Designed to increase comfort and efficiency in the workplace, Novus products are factory tested for the highest level of performance that our customers have come to expect.
The Novus Brand

About Novus

Dahle North America, Inc. markets and distributes Novus branded products through an extensive network of resellers in the U.S. and Canada. We are a customer-oriented company committed to providing the highest quality products and services to meet the needs of our customers. Founded in 1976, Dahle N.A. is a subsidiary of Novus Dahle GmbH of Lingen Germany, and is located in Peterborough, NH.

The Novus Brand

Since the production of its first stapler in 1949, Novus has been synonymous with innovative products with German engineering at their core. Designed to increase comfort and efficiency in the workplace, Novus products are factory tested for the highest level of performance that our customers have come to expect.


We offer a wide variety of Novus products for the office, home, control room, healthcare, point of sale, and manufacturing markets. All are German engineered with the most advanced performance and safety features available. These include:

Monitor Arms
Tablet Holders
Workspace Organizational
LED Lighting
Point of Sale Terminal Mounting Systems

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A Brief History

The Novus brand was created in Germany in 1949 as a division of Erwin Müller Group (EMCO) to produce staplers, soon becoming a leading innovator of stapling technology. In 1953 they developed the world’s first fully encased stapler with a design so supremely functional it remains virtually unchanged in the Executive Stapler line today. Over the years, Novus refined its unique technology for new, innovative products like the flat-clinch and power-on-demand staplers to make daily work tasks easier and more efficient. Today Novus staplers are trusted worldwide for their durability and performance. More recently, Novus expanded its work-life expertise into a new product line. The More Space System of products includes monitor arms, office lighting, and organizational accessories that make full use of limited workstation space and help improve productivity and comfort.


1949   Novus is founded by Erwin Müller to manufacture staplers

1952   The company patents the first “push button" staple loading mechanism

1953   Production of Novus stapler 53 (B6) (More than 6 million pieces sold so far)

1962   First production of staples

1978   Dahle North America, Inc. is established in Connecticut becoming Dahle’s first joint venture outside of Germany.

1990   Patent application of the stop and release mechanism of the stapler B7A

1994   Introduction of Quality Management to DIN EN ISO 9001

1995   Foundation of the production plant in the Czech Republic

1998   Patent application of the first Flat-Clinch desk stapler worldwide

2000   Decentralizing of the company structure under the holding company Erwin Müller GmbH & Co.KG

2002   Dahle N.A. is purchased by the Erwin Müller Group of Lingen, Germany

2004   Chicago, NeoCon “Best of Show“ award for the TSS Monitor Arm Series

2012   Under the Erwin Müller Group, Dahle is merged with the Novus brand to form Novus Dahle GmbH & Co.

2013   Dahle North America adds the Novus More Space System line of monitor arms and workstation accessories to their product mix

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