The Wall Mount is designed for mounting a LiftTEC® Arm on a SlatWall.

Novus LiftTEC® Slatwall Mount 796+0839+001

The Slatwall Mount is designed for adding a LiftTEC® Arm to a Novus Slatwall. This German engineered component features metal construction for strength and durability.

  • Metal construction for strength
  • Installs easily on a Slatwall
  • German engineered for durability

A Closer Look

LiftTEC® Arms lift monitors off the desk surface to enhance ergonomic comfort and create more useable space. They feature smooth gas spring movement, aluminum construction for strength, and integrated cable management for a neat appearance. ENHANCE COMFORT
Reduce neck, back, and eye strain with ergonomic adjustments. Smooth gas spring movement, full-motion joints, and a rotating Quick Release monitor mount make it easy to find the most comfortable position.
To maximize limited desk space, LiftTEC® Arms elevate monitors off the desk surface. This helps create a more organized, efficient workstation.
These German engineered monitor arms are constructed of aluminum for long-lasting durability in busy work environments. Aluminum also provides a smooth, modern finish that complements any workspace.


  • Item # 796+0839+001
  • Weight Capacity (lb) 17.64
  • Dimensions (in) 2.4 x 3.6 x 3.5
  • Warranty 2 Years
  • MSRP $109

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