TSS Trio monitor arms

The TSS Trio supports three monitors and allows for a wide range of adjustments for maximum viewing comfort. The TSS Trio includes a TSS Column, two TSS folding arms III XL’s, and a TSS support carriage. The 4-channel column allows for easy reconfiguration of all components to meet your viewing needs.

  • Enhances comfort by elevating three monitors to your ideal viewing height
  • Improves ergonomics by easily adjusting each monitor's height, angle, and distance
  • Increases available workspace by lifting monitors off the work surface
  • Sliding arm design is ideal for placing monitors against a flat surface
  • German engineered for durability in busy work environments
  • Easily rotate monitors from portrait to landscape or share screens during collaboration
  • Attach monitors quickly with QuickRelease Monitor Mounts
  • Integrated cable management hides cords for a clean, organized look
  • Includes drill screw base mount for secure placement

Product Description

Novus TSS Trio Monitor Arms

Multiple monitors are critical for keeping important information in view and improving workflow. The challenge is how to hold them safely and view them comfortably. The modular Tetra Support System (TSS) of columns, monitor arms, and accessories offers a flexible solution that securely holds multiple monitors and allows for ergonomic adjustments.

The TSS Trio holds three monitors and allows for a wide range of adjustments for viewing comfort. Designed for stability and strength, the TSS Trio displays three monitors weighing up to a total of 99 pounds evenly distributed over each support arm. The TSS Trio includes two TSS folding arms III XL, one TSS support carriage, and one 17.52” TSS HD column with a heavy duty drilling screw. Easily adjust for height, horizontal position, reach, and monitor tilt for the perfect viewing angle. The 4-channel column allows for easy reconfiguration.

All TSS support arms are equipped with a rolling ball joint attached to a Quick Release monitor mount – simply click the monitor in place and tilt to the perfect viewing angle. Cable routing clips are included to ensure an organized appearance.


Item Number Height Base Option Capacity Range
220+0180+000 17.52″ Drilling Screw HD 99 lbs 17.52″


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Novus TSS Trio Monitor Arms

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