Why buy Novus?

Novus is a professional software suite that's compatible with other MIcrosoft Office applications. When comparing Novus Author, Mail, Spreadsheet, Database, Powershow and PDF Converter to Microsoft Word, Excel, Power Point, Corel, Adobe and OpenOffice you'll find that low cost and fast performance make Novus Office a smart choice.

Novus versus Open Office

  1. Novus has 9 programs which is a better value than the 5 in Open Office.
  2. Novus has our own programming and support staff dedicated to Novus Office and the planned next major upgrade release.
  3. Inter-exchange of files. Novus Office is completely bi-lateral, which means we allow free exchange of most common file formats.
  4. Novus Office is a real alternative to Microsoft as opposed to Open Office because you can work in most any file format; for example, users can import a word document and edit that file and then send it back to other users in a word DOC file (same is the case with the other major programs where users share files). Often times Open Office does not perform well in this area of file exchange.
  5. Open Office does not have an e-mail program included like Novus Office - you would need to use a web-based e-mail service or purchase separate e-mail client software.
  6. No PDF Editor in Open Office like in Novus Office - you would need to buy Adobe Acrobat for $299 or buy another PDF program besides Adobe
  7. Novus Office has an amazing Novus Calculator - calculate all kinds of every day financials like mortgages and car payments, plus mathematics and statistics - using the lower left "function tab" reveals all of the advanced features & calculation tools
  8. Other utilities like ZIP and Backup are not part of Open Office like with Novus Office - these may not be used that often but some Zip programs can add another US $30 if you had to purchase a ZIP program.
  9. Novus uses some base components of Open Office in our Novus Office product, but we have significantly changed the programming and enhanced interoperability over the last several years.
  10. Performance of Open Office has long been cited as a heavy user of the CPU in terms of processing requirements
  11. Open Office relies on a community where not everyone always agrees on the best direction for the enhancements of the package, where Novus Office is supported by actual technical and customer support available during business hours.
  12. Ultimately, Novus Office won't be for everyone, but it will be very attractive for those that want a solid alternative to Microsoft that is inter-operable and economical to purchase.